January 4th, 2010

We Were Promised Jetpacks
The Four Walls
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: January 4th, 2010

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ďItís Thunder and Itís LightningĒ and ďRoll Up Your SleevesĒ

Finally, an album from a band that doesnít try too hard to do anything out of this world in terms of technicality or deep confusing meaning with song lyrics. They are a post/punk/indie/epic/rock band to start the description. They donít try to impress. Itís honest rock Ďn roll. By focusing on this, We Were Promised Jetpacks have crafted an album that shows how much they care about what they are performing and singing about without going overboard. They donít beat you over the head with how great they are at their instruments or insane their vocal melodies are. They just focus on writing interesting, steady, enjoyable rock songs. And man, is it fucking enjoyable to hear a band like that these days. Itís original enough but not so much so that it ends out in space or too dissonant to be catchy. Everything fits where it should fit and works perfectly in conjunction together. Dance beats over simple melodic guitar riffs with floating accented vocals telling simple, meaningful stories. Itís heavy when it needs to be heavy. Itís quiet and weird just when it needs to calm down. Itís melodic, beautiful, and epic when they really want to kick you in the pants. The music is so simple sometimes, you start to think you might get bored then...they throw something new at you at the perfect time and then it builds and builds and builds to summer blockbuster movie caliber climaxes. Itís wonderful my friends. I discovered this in the final two weeks of 2009 and I donít hesitate for a second to say it is one of the best albums of the year. I canít stop listening to it. This is what is so great about music, you never know when something new and exciting is going to pop up in front of you when you least expect it. This is in my new ďgo-toĒ library for driving/drinking/thinking music. Did I mention they are Scottish? Crazy cool accent when he is singing. And also! That they are best friends with another Scottish band that made my top 10 last year, Frightened Rabbit? Check both of these amazing bands out for exciting, interesting, unpretentious rock.




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