January 4th, 2010

The Films
Oh, Scorpio
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: January 4th, 2010
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"Number One"

Iíll face the firing squad on this one. Iím a nice guy. Sometimes too nice of a guy. Where maybe if I grew a pair, Iíd be happier. Maybe I could divert inevitable disaster earlier by being an asshole. But I just canít do it. Itís almost never worth it. Someone once said you could spit in my fathers face and heíd still smile at you. I donít know if that's true about him, and I donít know if that's true about me, either. But I do know this. If you are an asshole, or wish you could be an asshole to the world...youíll dig The Films album, Oh, Scorpio.

Itís got that similar pop-country twang to it kind of like Motel Motel and Harlem Shakes. Itís also produced by Butch Walker, which already puts a nice ďpopĒ stamp on it even if I believe his track record has been spotty lately. The record opens with lyrics like these throughout the track ďCompletely ReplaceableĒ:

ďIf you have a heart, Iím gonna break it. When I see what I want. I take it. I told you to stay away but you never do what youíre told. Donít you understand Iím not coming back? Just like we start we began we all fade to black.Ē

Ok, maybe that wasn't the best example of how scathing and unemotional the lyrics can be. I'll keep it secret and exciting for you if you end up listening to the whole album.

Oh, Scorpio features one of my favorite songs of the year hands down. Which is...ďNumber OneĒ! So damn good. If youíre in pain or angry, spin it. The Films lyrics are clever, interesting, fun, and...mean. They only get more coarse as the record spins on. This album is just like that asshole guy all the ladies hate, but keep coming back for more. You donít know why you do, but you do.




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