January 4th, 2010

Mike Snow
Mike Snow
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: January 4th, 2010

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ďAnimalĒ and ďBlack and BlueĒ

I donít know what it is with this year, but dance pop has controlled my speakers for one reason or another. This is the second best album of this sort you can check out this year. (keep reading to find out #1...but if you know me youíve probably already heard me freak out about it) Miike Snow is so damn good, so damn catchy, youíll be pissed if you check it out cause itíll be stuck in your head. But youíll also be pissed if you donít. The two main members of Miike Snow were formerly writers and producers of pop hit (?) songs for the likes of Britney Spears. They decided to team up and create their own album and what we are bestowed with is this wonderful self-titled album from Miike Snow. I donít dance much, I donít dance well, but I will work up a mother fucking sweat dancing like a fool to these tracks. Up tempo, down tempo, whatever, get a couple drinks in you and put these songs on and have a good time. ďI change shapes just to hide in this place but Iím still an animal.Ē I think we can all relate. Especially when its backed up by a killer drum, bass, and synth line. Fuck! Itís good. Try not to shake your ass or bob your head to ďPlastic JungleĒ that has one of the coolest arpeggiated synth lines Iíve ever heard and some of the thickest bass. Itís truly club music brought to you by some of the best producers of modern popular music (for better or worse). But it works here. These are some of the best groove songs you can listen to. Itís chill enough to put on as background music or while youíre driving but it really, really shines when you crank the speakers UP. Play these songs drunk or play them at a party and see what happens. No one will know what the hell is going on but it is 100% guaranteed to be a good time.




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