January 4th, 2010

Harlem Shakes
Technicolor Health
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: January 4th, 2010
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"Strictly Game"

I discovered this album after the first of the year, but it was recorded in 2009 so I figured it was ok to put it on the list. Plus, sadly, they already broke up. So if there isnít an idiot like me out there talking about how great their album is it will go even more forgotten than this lovely album most likely will.

This is a damn. fine. album.

Harlem Shakes hail from New York (duh), and just like Motel Motel, they have some interesting and similar vocal melodies. I think it might be the new indie-country-pop thing coming out of New York. They always start the strange trends. Anyway, this album is an A.D.D. kids dream. Itís all over the place. But itís all good and carefully thought out and choreographed. Itís always changing and evolving up and down, back and forth. Listen close and youíll hear a ton of background elements and instruments. Very creative. Itís the kind of thing where you wonder, ďWhy couldnít I have thought of that?Ē Itís easy to grasp and understand. The lyrics are simple to relate to for any wandering twenty-something. The synths are thick, sexy, heavy, spot on. The choirs are happy and epic as any choir should be. Itís weird but inviting. Itís relatable but youíll never get to know it like you know you want to and know you should. Listen to records like Technicolor Health please so more artists like this donít go by the wayside like Harlem Shakes unfortunately have.

For an example, this is what Meese used to sound like. Maybe sometimes it is better to die young than to live forever!

Broken up, still together, sold out, whatever...hopefully, ďThis will be a better year.Ē




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